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Questions about CariClub? We have answers
If you can't find the information you need here, or you need more help finding the right nonprofit for you, get in touch with us at [email protected].
What is CariClub?
CariClub is a community of talented professionals working together to tackle society’s biggest problems. Our technology makes it easy for our members to discover associate board positions with hundreds of inspiring and effective nonprofit organizations.
What is an associate board?
An associate board is a leadership group made up of young professionals who, through their own time, talent and resources, help expand the capacity and advance the mission of a nonprofit. Other terms for associate boards include “junior board,” “young professionals board,” and “junior leadership board.”
For young professionals
How do I join CariClub?
Our members gain access to our platform through their employers. Once on CariClub, you can engage with hundreds of opportunities to have an impact on causes you are passionate about.
What if my company isn’t a CariClub partner?
We add new corporate partners on a regular basis and we’d love to get your company involved. Contact us to learn more about how we can introduce your employer to CariClub!
Why should I join an associate board?
Becoming an associate board member is a personally rewarding experience. You join forces with a group of like-minded peers to use your skills and experiences to have an impact on a cause you care about. Through this opportunity you will network with industry leaders, acquire new skills and gain wider perspective of the world. Check out our video to learn more!
What is the time commitment?
Associate boards host 4-6 meetings a year. These hour-long meetings are hosted after work and typically you have the option to dial in if you are out of town or stuck in the office.
What are the roles and responsibilities?
Associate board members advocate on behalf of their nonprofit in a number of ways. They generally host 2-3 fundraising events a year and use their skills to help improve the organization. Additionally, individuals are asked to make a financial commitment often called a “give/get.” These funds can be raised by selling tickets to events, facilitating in-kind gifts or making a personal contribution.
What if I’m not sure what I’m interested in?
That’s ok! We are here for you. Our technology assesses your interests as well as your personal and professional experiences to recommend opportunities we think you will love. If you ever have trouble finding what you are looking for, we have a fantastic Member Success team on standby to work with you to help you find a great match!
For companies
Why do companies partner with CariClub?
We help innovative firms use philanthropy and volunteerism to enhance the recruitment, retention, and development of talented young professionals. Our platform makes it easy for our members to find long-term philanthropic leadership opportunities with nonprofits that support causes they care about.
How old is your typical associate board member?
Generally, associate board members have 1-15 years of post-undergraduate professional experience. Our platform offers a full spectrum of nonprofits and board experiences. We work with our members to make sure they find the right fit.
How can I get my company involved?
We would love to set up some time to speak with you! Click here to fill out some basic information, and a member of our team will get in touch right away.
What are the benefits for my employees?
The young professionals on our platform develop leadership skills, valuable relationships and a broadened perspective of the world, all while having an impact on the greater good.
How much does it cost?
CariClub offers tiered pricing depending on the size of your firm. Contact us to learn more.
For nonprofits
How does CariClub work for nonprofits?
CariClub is a free resource for nonprofits to connect with talented young professionals. CariClub's technology helps our members discover organizations that support causes they are passionate about and seamlessly introduce themselves to the nonprofit.
Why should I connect with CariClub members?
CariClub partners with leading industry firms like KKR, Davis Polk, and many others, which means CariClub members are talented young professionals and rising leaders with skills, networks and resources that can have a great impact on your organization.
Why should my nonprofit have an associate board?
An associate board is an effective engagement tool to ultimately ensure the ongoing success and longevity of an organization. These advocacy groups allow you to cultivate a pipeline of future leaders while building an arsenal of talented volunteers. Click here to access CariClub's Board Builder tool and learn more about associate boards.
Is this actually free?
Yes! Our corporate partners pay an annual subscription fee to have access to CariClub, enabling us to offer our platform and services to nonprofits free of charge.
What if I don’t have an associate board?
We can help with that! With CariClub’s Board Builder tool, you can learn more about associate boards and build your own, complete with an Associate Board charter. You can also reach out to us for help anytime at [email protected].
What if I already have a full associate board?
That’s ok! CariClub can be an effective resource to build up a pipeline of interested members for your next term or another tier of members. These young professionals may also be interested in getting involved in your organization through events, volunteerism, governing board roles or mentoring opportunities. We encourage you to sign up!
Can CariClub educate my nonprofit about associate boards?
Absolutely! Our team has spoken with governing board members and other key executives to discuss the benefits of associate boards and how to start one. Please reach out to [email protected] to speak with a member of our team.
What other nonprofits are on CariClub?
Hundreds of leading nonprofits of all sizes, across all sectors, are active on CariClub. We’d love to have you join them!
How do I get started?
Just Click here and provide us with some basic information. A member of our team will reach out to get your profile up and running, give you a quick tour of the platform and answer any additional questions.